Metrokane V1 Wine Preserver Decanter
Regular price: $59.95
Sale price: $35.95
King's Corkscrew, Solid Brass
Regular price: $212.85
Sale price: $179.60
Gear Shift Stopper
Regular price: $16.99
Sale price: $14.99
HOST Deluxe Aerator and Pourer
Regular price: $26.99
Sale price: $24.99
HOST CHILL Cooling Pour Spout (Green)
Regular price: $26.95
Sale price: $21.95
Steel-Ice Cubes Deluxe Set, Stainless Steel
Regular price: $29.95
Sale price: $25.95

Corkscrews and Wine Accessories

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Twisted Corkscrew website is for sale.

Throughout the last 8 years we have strived to make our website a customer friendly shopping site always placing the customers needs as the number 1 priority. Our path has now changed and we can no longer devote the necessary time to our website that is needed so we will be closing out doors on Jan 31, 2015. It has been an interesting and fun ride but now we are moving on. If you are interested in purchasing our website please call 636-699-3425 or email ( and will send you a spreadsheet of our current inventory ($4800 wholesale price) items in stock. All offers are welcome.

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01-17-2012...Its only a glass what's the difference if its cheap or expensive as long as it holds the wine. You would be surprised....

Advice and Tips

10-03-2013... We want to make sure all of our loyal winemakers can continue to use their Artful Winemaker systems to make great wine at home even after we have closed. Though traditional wine kits are much larger they generally come in 7.5L, 10L, or 16L formats and are meant to yield up to 30 finished bottles of wine with careful measuring, these kits can be adapted for use in your Artful Winemaker system for the same 28-day period. Please note,...

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After 10 years of making wine and countless years of enjoying it, we decided take our interest one step further which is why we have opened Twisted Corkscrew. We sell top of the line quality wine accessories and gifts which includes corkscrews, wine glasses, and more at the lowest prices. We have fun every step of the way especially when we find a new corkscrew or unique wine accessory and are able to offer to you at a great price. We want the wine accessories that Twisted Corkscrew sells to expand your wine experience and make it truly a enjoyable and fun process. That's why carry high quality name brand corkscrews like Laguiole, Le Thiers and La Vigne, plus lead free crystal wine glasses from Ravenscroft. We search continuously to provide our customers with high quality products at reasonable prices. Check out our large variety of wine accessories and wine gift sets.

Thanks for visiting Twisted Corkscrew. Check back with us frequently, we are always adding new products to our wine accessory selection.